During this unprecedented time, your focus is on the safety and well-being of your students. With students being at home for an extended period, many districts are developing distance learning plans for the coming days and weeks. As a company, we support those efforts.


Assessing and Addressing the Learning Gap

CARES Act Funding

Certica provides a range of resources to evaluate the learning gap and use data to guide instruction: benchmark assessment, formative assessment, professional development, student watchlists, scorecards, and performance reports. 

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Learning Gap Analysis

Certica’s professional development team will work intensively with your school-based leaders and teachers to analyze and address the student learning gap, using data from benchmarks, gap assessments, and formative assessments.

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Formative Assessments

The Navigate Item Bank is a valuable tool to assess the effectiveness of your distance learning efforts. Formative assessment allows you to monitor the learning progress your students are making at home while also providing feedback to students and their families.

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Formative Assessment for Distance Learning

Formative assessments can be used to monitor the progress of distance learning. During this session, we will share strategies and best practices for effectively building balanced formative assessments that can target specific standards, DOK levels, and concepts.

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Improve Student Outcomes Using Formative Assessment

Research demonstrates that using feedback from students to guide instruction is one of the most effective classroom practices. This eBook is a valuable guide to help you create an effective formative assessment program.

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Analytical Insights to Improve Student Outcomes

Videri provides comprehensive, real-time data visualization to gain insights and make informed decisions in the classroom and at the school and district levels.

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Equity in Education

The topic of equity in education continues to get a lot of attention. Despite everyone’s best intentions to deliver the highest quality educational opportunities possible, significant gaps still remain, especially for less-advantaged students.

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Understanding Depth of Knowledge (DOK)

Many assessment reports provide educators with data on how their students perform on questions categorized by DOK levels. In this session, we review how you can use the data associated with DOK as you evaluate students’ abilities to transfer knowledge to different contexts.

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What Makes a Good Assessment Item?

Good test items provide the test-taker with the opportunity to show what they know and accomplish this purpose without putting any obstacles in the test-takers path.

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