LockDown Browser Installation File Download Page


LockDown Browser® is provided to you free of charge by Certica Solutions and must be installed on devices students are using to take assessments whether at home, at school, or in a lab environment.

Step 1: Install LockDown Browser

    1. Download the appropriate installation file from the list below, based on whether you are a student or lab manager, and whether you use Windows® or MacOS®
    2. Run the installation file and follow the on-screen instructions.
    3. At the end of the installation, click Finish

Installation Files:

* All downloads updated: July 6, 2020

Step 2: Configure LockDown Browser in enCASE

After you have installed the LockDown Browser on devices you will use for testing, contact HelpDesk@CerticaSolutions.com to configure the LockDown Browser settings in enCASE.



    • You only need to install LockDown Browser one time on each device.
    • Students do not need to run LockDown Browser directly; it will start automatically when it is required for taking an assessment through enCASE.

Contact HelpDesk@CerticaSolutions.com for support with LockDown Browser.