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Videri is the K-12 data visualization solution that delivers watchlists, charts, scorecards, and longitudinal analysis to every educator's device—including district accountability dashboards with real-time, drill-down data.

Videri Overview 



California School Dashboards 


2020 CITE Vendor Showdown 


California Spotlight:

  • Videri was the 2019 winner of the CITE (CEPTA) dashboard vendor showdown

  • Videri is a winning selection of the Ed Tech JPA consortium, eliminating the need for RFPs

  • The Videri California School Dashboards mirror the CDE School Dashboards but with current student data and the ability to drill down to student-level information

  • Videri enables districts to track A-G, CTE, UC and CSU readiness in the 2020-21 school year

  • Videri complies with the California Student Data Privacy Agreement

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